Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what is david byrne up to these days...

he has squished the earth beneath the high line
an elevated park on a former rail line in chelsea
in new york city

read the article on artinfo

i always like his bike racks
and how controversial they became

he also has some fake iphone apps
on exhibit at the pace gallery
called social media
with miranda july 
among others
they're pretty entertaining
i would link it here 
but i cant get the page to load
so why send you there

just to remember...
his playing the building installation
in sweden, new york and london

Sunday, September 11, 2011

jewelry making and the influence of the choo...

kiff slemmons studio

satomi kawai

both studied at the university of iowa
with professor chunghi choo

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

wise words jack

be in love with your life

every detail of it

-jack kerouac

Sunday, September 4, 2011

design for a living world at the chicago field museum

on our way to chicago
before we headed to the airport for our flight to england
we stopped at the chicago field museum
to see the exhibit

different artists and designers
exhibited pieces composed of natural
and renewable resources
that were mostly local to the artist

the entire exhibit was great
but the real reason we went
was because 
christien mienderstma's
giant cable knit wool rug
was there!

each section is made from the organic wool of one individual sheep
that lives at lava lake ranch in idaho
christein is from the netherlands
but she travels to the farm in idaho to meet with the famers
and the sheep

i was so psyched about seeing this in person
it is truly inspiring
i was so excited that i forgot to take pictures of anything else
she also had a display of different papers made from the fibers
of native plants that grow in the chicago area
it was also beautiful
as were the pieces from the other artists
who also deserve mention
but apparently not pictures...