Sunday, October 10, 2010

sunday funday

my husband made the rustic banana bread muffins with roasted local pears from the farmers market. they're very yummy! the skins are thicker than store bought pears and they look a little bit rough, but they taste great.

i want to make them with figs next.

i finished dillon's tweed baby blanket for billie and eric.
they're due any day now...

i finally made a circular knitting needle holder out of some amy butler fabric. while i was knitting the blanket above my needles were all twisted from being stored in the pocket of a fabric needle case. i even used the pot of boiling water trick but they wanted to stay in a tight coil. hopefully this will fix that.

i finally used my awesome clay buttons that josh gave me over a year ago. they have different leaves and herbs pressed into them.

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