Thursday, July 21, 2011


i have noticed a change in my pottery

something happened
i am not sure what
but today
these forms were emerging

as i would center the clay
i would decide what type of vessel
it would become

i now am learning
the basic skills

start with a cylinder
and allow it to change

i see pottery everyday
but not the way i saw it in this

this is clary
she is so friendly

an example of her beautiful work
there are so few images available online
she says she is not connected
in a way that artists
today have to be
to make a living

yet she still manages to do it

when i last went to her studio
in ely, ia
she mentioned that students
today wouldn't want a
teacher like her

i beg to differ

pottery is a slow art form
you cant rush it
clary is a calming energy
she describes pottery
with a unique beauty
it's no wonder she creates
such beautiful pieces

a pbs documentary
clary illian: a year in the life

i havent even seen the whole thing yet
and i cant wait
literally on the edge of my seat
right now

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