Sunday, February 14, 2010

love for my sisters...

sometimes we have something wonderful right under out noses and we cant help but take it for granted in the busy world that we live in. my sister are two of my greatest friends. my little sister left town to return to milwaukee about 4 years ago. i miss her everyday. we were roommates for a short time and i think the fighting managed to bring us closer. my older sister and i have lived in the same town for 5 years. for one year we were roommates which again brought us closer, but now she is waiting. waiting for a destination, where she will live in five months. no matter where it is it will be far away from here. i wish her the best with all my heart. i will miss her so much that i can't imagine what it will be like not having her here. and not knowing how far away she will be makes me excited and a little sad. i never knew how important it would be to have her so close to me but i always knew how much she did for me. how much time she donated to better my life. i don't know how much i ever gave back. i don't know if i will ever have the chance to balance it out. she is the best older sister i could ask for. i want to thank her a millions time over. for the cupcakes, the bubbly and the sake. for coming to dinner. i will miss these dinners. how simple they are and how easily they come. i am a better person because of her.

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