Wednesday, February 10, 2010

old things....

i found this fantastic vinyl bag at artifacts, the local cabinet of wonderment. i can't go in there without finding something wonderful. todd, the owner, is a mad collector of pottery and can spot diamonds among the piles of old things people bring into his store. he has taught me so much about pottery and i have a wonderful collection of my own. i especially love to find local art which is common in his shop. just stopping in to say hello i was met with this brilliant orange bag. i have been looking for the perfect bag for everyday/work/research use and this one is perfect (and waaaayyyyy cheaper than the others that I have been coveting online.) it is in such good shape too, inside and out. i even found a tiny treasure to give my dearest friend tina for her birthday/moving present. i am lucky to have a second hand shop that is so close to me and that todd is such a friendly person.

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