Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fisher(wo)man's Hat

It stated with a Vogue magazine, some models wearing oversized coats and my older sister coveting their hat. The simple rib knit hat with a fold over brim evoked visions of Paul's Discount mercantile shop on the South side of town. This however was no Carhartt. It was fashionably simple and a chance for my sister to actually enjoy wearing a knitted item made by me. So I searched thinking how simple could this be? There must be thousands of patterns for a rib knit hat right? No. I spent more time searching for a pattern then it took to complete the hat. So without further ado.....

Fisher(wo)man's Hat

I used 2 skeins Araucania Azapa yarn
3.5 sts/in. on US size 10-16" circular needles
45% Merino Wool, 30% Alpaca, 15% Silk, 10% Donegal
I used two strands at the same time to make it extra chunky on the recommended needle size
You will need US size 10.5 DPNs or a second circular needle for binding off

CO 70 sts (it appears so small until you wear it a couple times and it stretches!)
Join in the round making sure not to twist!
Place a marker at the beginning of the round

For an added texture I ribbed as follows: (ktbl (through back of look), p1)* Rep from* until end of round
You can do a simple (K1 P1) instead of ktbl. I think it gives the outside rib a bit of a twist and makes it look almost braided (as you can see here the top part is different from the inside which shows when folded.)

The hat will be very long before you bind off. You want to be able to fold it over and have it still fit on your head. I knit until it was at least 10 inches in length. When you can fold it and put it on your head while still having 70 sts on your circulars you can begin binding off. BE CAREFUL when trying it on! If it is not long enough your sts can come off the needles. (When ktbl it is harder to pick up sts that have come off the needle because they are twisted.)

To close:
1st row: K2tog on the K sts of the rib pattern connecting the K and P together (if you Ktbl: k2tog through back of sts.)
Next 2 rows: Continue to K2tog. You will need to switch to the DPNs or use 2 circulars.
If you have a single st at the end of these rows, knit one.

When you have roughly 9 sts remaining, keep sts on needles and cut the yarn leaving a long tail (10"). Using a yarn needle sew the tail through the remaining sts on the needles. After you have the tail through all the sts run it through the first st again (just for good measure.) Pull the tail through the center of the hole at the top towards the inside of the hat. Pull it tightly. Remove your needles and pull it again. Turn the hat inside out and tie a knot. Sew in the ends.

The hat can be worn folded over for extra warmth or loose for a bulkier look. Make it short for a beanie. Very comfortable and quick to make.!


  1. Awesome blog! Let's get together and pick out some yarn.

  2. Not to be all creepy and post on nearly four-year old post, especially given that I'm a total stranger, but I stumbled across this pattern when I was looking for a bulky weight slouchy hat. I knit this bad boy up in purple, and it turned out beautifully -- I didn't start going through the back loop until after I was done with the first few inches (the rolled over part, should the wearer choose to do such a thing) and it made a really cool effect. So thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this pattern. You rock.